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Changes to the Standards-Based Report Card

Changes to the Standards-Based Report Card
Meagan Holt



I am Bridgette Murphree, elementary curriculum coordinator for Blount County Schools. We would like to make parents aware of the changes to our kindergarten through third grade standards based report cards. These changes will take effect this school year. 

After feedback from parents, teachers and administrators, a committee of teachers, reading coaches, and administrators representing each school community met to determine the changes that need to be made to better communicate student progress. 

There are three adjustments to the report card, changes to the grading scale, addition of parent friendly standards, and creation of a parent support document. First, we adjusted the grading scale. We know that simply averaging all assignments does not portray an accurate picture of student progress nor does it allow students to continue to work toward meeting the standards throughout the entire school year.  We found that the 1, 2, or 3 scoring was too broad. The committee determined the use of a four letter grading scale may better communicate student progress. The new grading scale will be M, P, N, and I.


M-meeting the standard

P-progressing toward the standard

N-needs improvement to meet the standard

I-insufficient progress toward meeting the standard


To score an M- students must consistently and independently be able to complete work that meets the standards

P-students are able to frequently meet the standard, but may still require minimal support  from the teacher

N-students are able to meet some or part of the standard but still require support to do so

I-students are not yet able to meet the standard, even with teacher support

Parents should expect students to earn P’s and some N’s on report cards. As the school year progresses, students should begin to have more P’s and M’s on earlier taught standards.  As the school year progresses, if the student is making progress, parents should see fewer N’s on the report card. 

All of the Alabama COS standards will be taught, however, only the essential standards will be on the report card. It is vital that students are able to meet the requirements of these essential standards. These standards are building the foundation for success in the current grade level and beyond. 

The next adjustment is to the wording of the standards. Initially, we had the entire standard on the report card. This year we will have parent friendly standards. These will provide clear and concise wording that are more easily understood. 

With that in mind, we made the final adjustment to the standards based report card. We are creating a document that will provide parents with helpful activities that students can do at home. These supports will be standard specific to help your child gain the maximum benefit from the activities. Parent support will help to increase your child’s proficiency. 

Please know that we appreciate your patience and support as we work together to help our students master the standards. 

Thank you!